The Pitiable Christian

I’m going to make two lists. Then you’ll read them and identify more with one of them. The key word is more. These are generalities. Read them as such.


Christian A
  • Has a favorite sports team and knows the players, statistics, coaches, etc. by memory but does not have the same volume of scripture memorized
  • Has watched multiple Netflix shows to completion, sometimes in one sitting
  • Has Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and spends more time there than in the word
  • Has an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Laptop, Desktop, Flat screen, gaming system, etc.
  • Has to regularly clear their browsing history
  • Has gone many months without serving at church, or has never committed to serving the church on a regular basis
  • Has regularly gone many days and or weeks without opening the bible
  • Has never invited others over or attended a service for the sole purpose of prayer, singing, or the reading of scripture
  • Has never invited strangers from church over for dinner
  • Has never opened their home to guests when it was inconvenient
  • Has never opened their wallet and given without reservation
  • Has never listened to a sermon on a day not called Sunday
  • Has never initiated actual prayer with someone, on the spot, at church or in the home
Christian B
  • Has a favorite book or chapter or section of the scripture memorized
  • Has read the entire bible multiple times and continues to do so annually
  • Has spent more time reading church history or biography or theology than posting about themselves.
  • Has read any church history, biography, or theology
  • Has read any of the orthodox creeds and confessions that have accompanied the Christian faith for centuries
  • Has regular time set aside every single day for prayer, and it lasts more than 2 minutes
  • Has regular time set aside every single day for bible reading, and it lasts more than 2 minutes
  • Has regular time set aside every single day for theological study, and it lasts more than 2 minutes
  • Has donated a meaningful amount of money to support compassion children, community food bank, church benevolence, missionaries, etc.
  • Has others over or out regularly for food and conversation in order to encourage them in their faith
  • Has scripture stored up so that they are able to speak it freely
  • Has a working understanding of the major narratives of scripture and can articulate the summation of the old and new testaments.
  • Has listened to sermons regularly, even on days not called Sunday.
  • Has sought opportunity to read, sing, and pray with other believers on a day not called Sunday.
  • Has intentionally invested into new or old relationships in order to provide encouragement and friendship to fellow believers
  • Has regularly considered their own sin and confessed it public-ally to others and sought forgiveness and accountability.
  • Has some understanding of the atonement, justification, glorification, election, sanctification, living and dead faith, the Law, prayer, ecclesiology, baptism, communion, worship and maybe even the inspiration of scripture.
  • Has intentionally invested into the faith of other Christian’s to teach them about the scriptures



“We are worse than we think we are,

but Jesus is better than we think he is.”

Donald S. Whitney

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