The Road


I’ve been walking along this road beginning as far back as I remember. In fact if you asked me when this Walk began I might say, “It’s all I’ve known, so much so that I didn’t realize I was upon it until just now.”


And now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t help but notice. My eyes have always worked just fine, but never did I see the Road, for there has been nothing but the Road. A fish does not know the water because it only knows the water. And never did I see the Grass, for these eyes have been fixed upon the Road from the beginning.


It is irreversible. I now see the paleness of my Road against the vivid Life of your Grass. Because of you I see there is another Walk to be had. But what’s the big deal? I’m alright here. I’ve gotten this far, after all.


This Road, you call it “hard” but to me it seems perfectly normal. And that grass you walk upon seems very fragile and wet and prone to house a host of hairy creatures. You know, I’m doing quite fine on my Road. It’s very straight, very reliable, very familiar. Thank you for your kind Proposal but I must decline.


How many miles have I walked since meeting you? I fear the number is too great to recount. And yet all the while it has been painfully obvious to me that I can no longer help but to recognize this Grass. Because of you each step I take I grow more envious of your softer walk. My feet are numb and I see yours working just fine. Each blade of Grass caresses your sole and cushions your Walk while my blade-less Road rends and rips my soul as I slog along. I envy you.


I hate this stupid Road. Why did you do this to me? Now I must contend with the constant reminder that I have failed for millions of miles to see the Grass, and what’s more, now that I want to join you I cannot! Failure! Nothing but failure! I hate this stupid Road and I hate your stupid Grass and I hate your stupid face! Get away from me, journey into the forest with all your friends and leave me be! My life is just fine, you and your Grass are stupid! I hate you and I hate everything!


There remains in me the faintest whisper suggesting that maybe…. perhaps…. there’s a chance I overreacted. You were just trying to help me, after all. I can see that now. I see that though I am alone on this Road you have many companions on your Journey and perhaps that’s how the Walk is meant to be. Oh how I would like to be one of them. I’m sorry for how I behaved recently.


I keep trying! I keep trying! I keep on trying! I promise! It’s like this Road is magnetized and my metallic soul is without hope of escape. Each leg I lift in your direction is diverted by this invisible force that will not leave me be. No matter the method I cannot make more than the slightest move toward you before I am viciously returned to where I belong.

Belong? Belong? Have I told you that you must stay on the Road? Have I not shown you another Way? Yes, there are many Roads and I have made them all. They are useful for getting someone from Here to There but You must not stay beyond your allotted time. Look! Look! Do you see the sign? Dead End! You must get off this Road and walk upon the Grass of Life. I have not made so many walk in the Grass near you to taunt you but to show you the better Way. Open! Open! See! The Grass and Trees and Mountains and Rivers and and endless Sea teeming with Life that does not end. Rest your sole upon the softness of my meadows. Feast your soul upon it’s many delicacies. Take my hand! Take the hand of whoever will reach to you and do not fear, for I will strengthen them. You are on my Road. You are seeing my Grass. Do as I say.

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